LILIN Introduces 5 Megapixel 360° Panoramic Dome IP Camera

LILIN Americas, an entity of IP video provider Merit LILIN serving North, Central and South America, introduced its first panoramic IP video surveillance camera specifically designed for trains, buses, emergency vehicles, subway cars and other moving stock applications. Featuring an M12 industrial Ethernet connector, rather than a standard RJ45, the new LILIN FD2452V-M12 five megapixel sensor 360° panoramic IP camera is an advanced video solution to help monitor and deter crime, vandalism or terrorism on public transportation systems.

"Public modes of transportation are considered high-risk targets for terrorism and crime," said Joe Cook, vice president and general manager of LILIN. "Installing our new FD2452V-M12 not only captures surveillance video that can prove extremely useful in investigating incidents after-the-fact, it can also help the police be deployed faster to the scene, and even help to deter crime while giving passengers an added sense of security when used with a connected city infrastructure. Systems integrators are able to reduce the overall camera count required to be installed onboard over the traditional mobile recording systems which saves installation time while still benefiting from multiple recorded camera viewpoints provided from the 360 degree camera.”

Delivering the powerful effectiveness of 360° panoramic video surveillance and an HD five-megapixel sensor, a single FD2452V-M12 will provide the standard coverage for a subway car, bus or train by utilizing the 4 independent 1920x1080 resolution viewing streams. This capability results in lower cost-of-ownership without compromising situational awareness, and less possible points of failure.

Each of the camera's four channels are independently operated and their video is corrected or "dewarped" at the camera. This new approach to 360° video monitoring means that no mechanical PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) motor is needed to capture the full scene, further enhancing its ease of use and installation.

Exceptionally rugged in its impact-resistant polycarbonate dome cover, the camera can withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps and wide temperature fluctuations. Importantly, it is also vandal-resistant, and features an active sensing alarm that can detect attempts such as blocking or spray-painting. It adapts quickly to changes in light levels, ensuring that high image quality is maintained, for example, when a vehicle enters a dark bridge or tunnel.

The LILIN FD2452V-M12 is ONVIF Profile S compliant.

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