IDEAL Networks Showcases Video Surveillance Troubleshooting Equipment at ISC West 2015

At ISC West 2015, booth #33063, IDEAL Networks, the networking solutions and testing subsidiary of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., plans to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of its flagship LanTEK II cable certifier, VDV II cable verifier, and SignalTEK CT transmission tester that allow network administrators to confirm correct installation of copper and fiber network cabling, as well as to troubleshoot existing network installations deployed for analog and IP video surveillance systems.

IDEAL has been developing LAN & WAN network testers since 1965 including products for cable installers, IT managers and telecommunications professionals. With the security industry's recent migration from analog to IP networks, IDEAL has leveraged its networking expertise to focus on increasing opportunities in that market. This has resulted in a new range of testers that are easy to understand, application-focused and affordable, as well as IDEAL Networks introducing a new corporate identity that has been carefully developed to represent the brand values of the business.

Noted features of IDEAL Networks testers include:

  • SignalTEK CT is designed with installers and network owners in mind who need to prove that copper cabling has been installed correctly and is capable of supporting Gigabit Ethernet applications to the international standard IEEE802.3ab. This new generation of tester carries out two primary tests via its Autotest function; a wiremap test and a data transmission test. The wiremap test identifies and locates crossed pairs, opens, shorts and split pairs using its TDR, while the data transmission test performs at 100Mbit/s or 1000Mbit/s, providing 100% load on that link from both sides. This offers users a clear reading if the link really can support the desired Ethernet speed.
  • VDV II is an affordable, easy to use cable verifier available in three versions to serve a variety of applications. VDV II verifiers check the integrity and detect all wiring faults in low-voltage copper cables commonly deployed in LAN (CAT 5 to CAT 7, UTP and STP) and coaxial video surveillance cabling. With the new VDV II Series, problems can quickly and easily be located, thereby saving time and money. They have a range of features to match all levels of network and coax installation or maintenance whether its a new build or network moves, adds and changes.
  • LanTEK II cable certifiers empower IT technicians to easily certify LAN cabling to TIA, ISO and IEC performance standards. With three models to meet copper certification requirements from 350 to 500 to 1000 MHz, and full fiber optic certification of multi-mode and single mode fiber optic cabling, LanTEK® II certifiers offer an all-inclusive solution for installation, maintenance and certification of LAN cabling by delivering outstanding performance, diagnostics and speed. Complete Category 6/ISO Class E tests are performed in only 14 seconds, including the saving of full graphical data. Test results are displayed on an ultra-bright, high-resolution LCD that facilitates faster analysis and easier navigation of the graphical user interface.
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