Product Development of Vari-focal Lens Supporting Megapixel Resolution

Tamron Co., Ltd., Saitama, Japan (President & CEO: Morio Ono), specialized manufacturer of optics and one of the companies in the security/surveillance equipment industry announces the development of a Vari-Focal lens supporting mega-pixel resolution and NIR bandwidth for security/surveillance use.

Development Concept

Tamron has been selling 1/3" 5-50mm F/1.4 (Model M13VG550) for integration with CS-mount box-type cameras, for a wide range of uses including street surveillance and traffic monitoring, setting a standard for "High-Resolution Vari-Focal Lens" in the industry.  While the lens gained a solid reputation as a high-quality/high-sensitivity telephoto Vari-Focal lens, box-type surveillance cameras utilizing the NIR light range have noticeably grown.

1/3" 5-50mm F/1.6 (Model M13VG550IR) is developed addressing such needs with the bandwidth expanded to the NIR range while retaining a focal length range the same as the current Model M13VG550. Substantial improvement is achieved in performance over the whole spectrum of imaging by use of state-of the-art optical design technology with new glass materials employed.  

Main Features

1. A lens with the spectrum range expanded to NIR and covering a focal length range most commonly used at telephoto end.

Extended spectrum coverage to NIR range coupled with the most commonly used focal length of 5-50mm enables day-and-night surveillance with enhanced image quality and high efficiency.

2. Highest-in-its-class image quality in NIR.

Substantial improvement is achieved in compensation of chromatic aberrations, image quality in the NIR range and corner resolution by means of state-of-the-art optical design, coupled with glass materials employed, and by use of high-precision process quality excelled not only in the visible spectrum but also in the NIR range. This assures clear and crisp details of subject images, even in nighttime environments where visible and NIR light may coexist.

3. Reduction of flare and ghosting.

Tamron's proprietary multi-layer coating technology is applied for suppression of flare and ghosting. Having run a series of advanced simulations taking various installation conditions required into account, disturbing flare and ghosting are thoroughly suppressed.

4. Pursuit of ease of use and high reliability.

Tamron has consistently pursued ease of use and distinguished reliability throughout its long history of products development. Model M13VG550IR, now being announced, incorporates various technologies validated to date.

  • A large rotation angle for ease of focusing adjustment
  • A slip-mount mechanism that assists quick camera/lens set-up
  • A highly-reliable auto iris mechanism

5. Expanded product line-up.

By introduction of Model M13VG550IR to the portfolio, three different choices are available for a 5-50mm Vari-Focal lens.

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