Booming Aviation Industry Turns to Quantum Secure's SAFE for Aviation Solution

In our nation’s busy airports, security and passenger safety is of paramount importance. Theft, smuggling, passenger safety, and terrorism all threaten the highly inter-dependent balance between airports, airlines, and the myriad aviation service providers. There have been numerous reports of badge-related security issues and breaches; lost badges and former badge holders who were not officially off-boarded and still had access, among other issues.

As the aviation industry continues to build the modern infrastructure to support their growing needs, forward looking airports are leveraging SAFE for Aviation to provide security infrastructure to manage and govern access to secure sections of airports by employees and contractors who may not go through the same level of screening that passengers do. SAFE for Aviation enables a collaborative approach to insider threat and ultimately passenger safety and allows all parties across an airport (federal government, air carriers, tenants, vendors and airport) to perform their role in protecting that airport using an intelligent, cost-effective solution. SAFE ensures that each airport identity has been properly authenticated per TSA requirements. SAFE also ensures, in real-time, that if there are any changes in the identity record (for example, termination, failed re-vetting and background check, anomalous facility access patterns, changes in status, etc.) it will immediately reflect in the worker’s physical access profile and will alert authorities immediately.

The SAFE for Aviation solution provides an explicit return on investment, saving airport personnel up to 35% of their time by eliminating manual tasks, with up to an 80% reduction in time by helping to eliminate errors and corrections. SAFE also reduces ID badge expenses by as much as 50% along with the ability to efficiently track and bill for material and operational costs which can result in recouping as much as 100% of credentialing costs. Even more significant savings are realized by delivering a proven risk mitigation solution for insider security events and breaches, which can potentially result in saving millions of dollars.

“Airports have gained a solid understanding of the ongoing challenges they face regarding secure workforce access needs and the intelligent solutions available to meet these needs. This increased awareness has led many airports to make security a top priority,” said Ajay Jain, Quantum Secure’s president and CEO. “A growing number of airports are choosing the best-in-breed SAFE for Aviation to aid with modernization. Not only does SAFE provide advanced security, compliance and customer service capabilities, it also delivers deeper levels of integration with security and non-security related systems already in the airport eco-system.”

Among the Category X* airports that have implemented the solution are San Francisco International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Boston’s Logan Airport. In addition, the São Paulo-Guarulhos Airport in Brazil deployed SAFE for Aviation to prepare for a spike in travelers during the World Cup, as well as the predicted surge of passengers for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics.

(*Category X airports are airports considered the most vulnerable targets for terrorism; typically high-volume, international airports in popular areas.)

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