Salient Systems Strengthens Partnership with AMAG Beyond Video and Access Control Integration

Salient Systems has strengthened its partnership with AMAG Technology beyond the long-standing deep integration of CompleteView VMS and Symmetry access control. AMAG will offer Salient's CompleteView Video Management System, PowerProtect NVR Server Platforms and TouchView Mobile Video Apps under the Symmetry™ brand. The Symmetry Security Management platform brings together Identity Management, Access Control, Alarm Management, and Video Management combined with Situational Awareness. This feature-rich set of video solutions will be known as Symmetry CompleteView VMS, Symmetry PowerProtect NVR server platforms, and Symmetry TouchView Mobile apps.

"We have historically offered the most cost effective, scalable video solutions to our customers and technology partners. An open platform has been a fundamental part of our business strategy for many years. This has allowed users the freedom to choose the best technology to meet their needs,' said Chris Meiter, President of Salient Systems. "AMAG has a reputation as one of the best access control products globally and we are excited about fostering the synergies between our companies", adds Meiter.

Developing trends in the security industry point to successful companies with the ability to offer end to end solutions for customers. As technology becomes more sophisticated, these solutions need to become easier for the customer to use. Combining information from different but complimentary security systems together with video creates a powerful tool set for the security user. Salient's fully integrated, bi-directional feature set delivers video from unlimited cameras and users, at multiple sites, connected to multiple servers and expands the access control capabilities for temporary card holders, automatic card expiration, vacation tracker and expanded filters. Advanced video streaming and recording parameters, PTZ control and support for multiple video formats gives the customer a clear choice for a comprehensive security solution.

Salient's CompleteView VMS provides an easy to use way to organize complex sites and zones, and to view layouts in interactive maps, allowing the user to manage complex deployments. Users can monitor the status of any and all servers, add or remove users, change the configurations of servers and clients, and push software updates out to servers and clients from a single desktop application.

Additionally, CompleteView offers a robust web client with H.264 support and cross browser support for both Windows and Mac platforms. Combined with Dynamic Resolution Scaling, Salient's network friendly feature for bandwidth management and TouchView Mobile apps for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, CompleteView offers the fastest call up of megapixel resolution video over remote internet connections.

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