Iluminar Announces Specialized Training on Specifying and Installing LED Lighting

As video surveillance needs and applications continue to expand, so does the need for proper lighting to aid in surveillance capabilities. Dealer education on how to specify and install LED lighting products to aid in surveillance capabilities is critical to ensuring solid surveillance results because: Most crime occurs at night; All cameras need light to see, especially IP and megapixel cameras; and, regular street lighting is usually not adequate to deliver clear surveillance footage, which is often needed to provide evidence for judicial purposes.

To respond to this growing  need, Iluminar, manufacturer and supplier of infrared (IR) and white light illuminators, is pleased to announce its certified, 'one-to-one' training offering on LED lighting products. Iluminar's training course is free of charge and the content covers:

  • How to specify LED lighting and maximize night-time CCTV surveillance effectiveness;
  • How to support cameras with crisp, clear and even illumination; and
  • The application of infrared vs. white light, and why separate illumination is more effective than an integrated LED lights camera.

"Customers across the globe have come to rely on Iluminar for supplying high-performance, high-quality and reliable lighting solutions and great customer service," notes Eddie Reynolds, President and CEO of Iluminar. "Now, we are extending that ethos by offering customers Iluminar-certified one-to-one training on the specification and installation of LED lighting products."

Installers, specifiers, consultants, and end-users who would like to learn more about how LED lighting can dramatically improve nighttime camera surveillance imaging can register for Iluminar’s WebEx based training course by emailing

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