SureView Systems Announces THRIVE Intelligence as the First SureView Certified Center

SureView Systems announced today that THRIVE Intelligence, a video Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, is SureView’s first private Certified Center. This designation recognizes THRIVE as a best-in-class partner for using SureView’s Immix Central Station software.

With this designation, THRIVE has met all of the requirements for becoming a Certified Center, including the certification of all staff in SureView’s new Central Station Training Program. Additionally, the certification requires that the partner meets or exceeds all published minimum standards for the Immix software, meets or exceeds the minimum backup and disaster recovery requirements, and meets infrastructure requirements, including generator backup and secure access to the monitoring center floor. Additionally, Thrive has demonstrated the sophistication to not only design a full suite of cutting-edge security services blending technology and manned guarding but also the expertise to execute the delivery of those services on a national level.

THRIVE, which is a Universal Services of America company, provides an end-to-end video surveillance solution and analytics to detect suspicious activity, send automated alerts and provide a path to intervene with real-time situational awareness intelligence. The company’s video SaaS solutions combine event-based video monitoring, edge-based analytics, managed security services and other alarm-monitoring services to provide an integrated set of security solutions

“The certified center designation differentiates THRIVE from the rest of the fray,” said Ty Richmond, president, Security Systems and Technology, Universal Services of America. “We cannot accomplish our objectives or those of our customers unless we have the right kind of partnership that provides a software and hardware solution, and that’s where SureView Systems comes in. They are a conduit that enables THRIVE to have the integration capability and success factors to pull in and process multiple events and situational awareness information so we can respond to incidents in the best way possible.”

“THRIVE has demonstrated that they are a truly integrated security solutions provider, and this certification acknowledges that,” said Chris Brown, director of Central Stations, SureView Systems. “As we move forward in this partnership with THRIVE, we know that they meet all levels of performance, and are also trained at a high level of performance and execution, which is a key part of our end-to-end solution.”

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