On the Road to Success

On the Road to Success

The entrepreneur carries the day at the opening of ISC West 2015. I wish it were possible to visit every booth on the show floor; it is not. However, from what I've seen on Day One, there are several innovative technologies soon to be available.

Let's get started. In visiting Louroe Electronics, the audio monitoring company is introducing audio analytics with sound intelligence. The product listens intently before reacting; perhaps a good lesson for us all.

Its aggression detector integrates mic level microphones, with select Axis IP cameras, and leading VMS solutions. It works, as per the demonstration I received. Ninety percent of physical aggression is preceded by verbal aggression. This is a game changer.

Louroe CEO Richard Brent said the aggression solutions recognizes aggression in a person's voice, and can give an audio call down to help mitigate any foreseen trouble. Seems like a pretty nice early warning system. Well done.

Engineer and thinker Thomas Carnavelle, CEO of Sentry 360 is announcing his newest solution, AVIDD. It is a tricky name, but well worth a look, and your participation. The aggregated video intelligent decentralized data (AVIDD) is the end result of years of dreaming, creation and design.

Who says being a day dreamer doesn't pay off?

AVIDD is the result of a well thought-out mechanical, electrical and software engineering design. Carnavelle and Sentry 360 are seeking a host of people who willingly will participate in the evolution of the product. More on this later, I'm sure.

Just a footnote of what seems to be a growing trend in the industry. NVT, located in the Bay Area of California has been acquired by Phybridge, a telephony company based in Toronto. Much more to come on this, I'm sure.

Congratulations to those companies who entered our The Govies and earned a trophy. I'm looking forward to our New Product of the Year competition where we can highlight the best of the best products from the entire industry. Please go to our website (www.security-today.com) and find an entry form. I am carrying a few with me during the tradeshow, so stop me and ask for an entry form.

It has been a great first day at ISC West, and I'm looking forward to my travels on the show floor today. I hope your first day was productive. There is more to see; time to go.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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