Business as Usual at ISC West 2015

Business as Usual at ISC West 2015

Most of my days were a culmination of booth meetings, going from this booth to that booth, learning as much as I could about the products being offered to enhance security. After about 50 meetings, themes begin to emerge about the security industry. Here are the top themes from ISC West demonstrated by three companies:

Cost effectiveness. FLIR's TCX Thermal Mini Bullet camera proved to be an amazing addition to their thermal security technology. At a price point of only $799 retail, it produces high-contrast thermal imaging that results in the reduction of false alarms in addition to intrusion detection and accurate video alarm verification in one device. Integrators and end users alike are able to embrace high-quality technology at an affordable price.

Integration. Morse Watchmans is taking the industry by storm by integrating their key management solutions with other companies' solutions. This enables them to offer access control and other physical security solutions along-side their key management solutions, giving end users a holistic solution. Morse also released their SmartKey Reader. Insert the SmartKey into the reader and stored information can be quickly added or deleted from their TrueTouch software.

Morse is leveraging integration to give integrators and end users exactly what they want: a holistic solution.

It's all about the integrator and end user. Behind the scenes, Genetec is all about collaboration with integrators so that the end user experience is superb. Andrew Elvish, vice president of marketing, has been traveling for the past few weeks to various locations around the world, sitting down with integrators and having open conversations with them. Elvish is on a mission to listen to integrators' needs and through various product offerings at Genetec, give integrators exactly what they need, such as cloud-based access control as a service. (In fact, Genetec's take away from ISC West 2015 is that they are "leading the way on the cloud.")

Elvish realizes that if integrators have their needs met, the end user/operator experience will be enhanced; therefore furthering Genetec's dedication to integrators.

"Genetec is growing and it's growing fast," said Elvish. "Genetec wants their established integrators to grow alongside them."

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