Bosch Introduces Integrated Burglar, Fire & Access with New G Series Panels

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. introduces a new security control panel family for large commercial applications with the launch of the B9512G and B8512G. Approved for combination burglar and fire alarm applications and featuring integrated access control, the panels offer complete security with only one system to learn, install, and maintain. Users benefit from advanced communications and direct IP video camera integration, while experiencing low total cost of ownership and easy operation. 

Featuring significantly greater capacity than existing models, these new control panels meet the requirements of a wide range of applications including office buildings, retail stores, banks, schools, government facilities, and more. The B9512G supports up to 2,000 users, 599 points and 32 areas, 32 doors, and 16 IP cameras.

Greater technology: G Series Control Panels feature on-board Ethernet and USB connections to speed installation and decrease costs for dealers and end users. Built to be future-proof, G Series supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Domain Name System (DNS) support for remote access and central station communications simplifies installation and disaster recovery. It enables easy IP setup from the installer keypad menu or via Remote Programming Software (RPS) from Bosch. The control panels also offer a dual communication plug-in interface for easy adoption of new cellular and other communication technologies.

Compatibility with existing peripherals from Bosch allows users to easily and cost-effectively upgrade systems for greater capacity, enhanced features and more modern technology, while the B9512G and B8512G allow a drop-in upgrade of previous generations of G Series panels.

Greater information: G Series Control Panels offer direct Bosch IP camera integration, which allows video motion detection to activate points on the panel and panel events to trigger camera actions. It also enables the use of sophisticated video analytic capabilities embedded in Bosch IP cameras. Providing an easy path toward video alarm verification, IP camera integration makes it possible for users to see images of events at their facilities via a mobile device. The solution is unique in that there is no additional hardware, cloud or video management applications required.

With event notifications – such as alarms or warnings from monitored sensors – sent direct to email or phone, users are always kept up to date on the status of their facilities. Multi-lingual support enables notifications to be sent in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese for better clarity.

Greater control: Remote programming with advanced diagnostic capabilities reduces costs by allowing technicians to service systems or enable or disable certain functions without traveling to the customer’s facility. Flash firmware updates can also be performed locally or remotely with RPS, providing easy maintenance or upgrades.

Delivering flexibility and convenience, the Remote Security Control app for iOS or Android devices allows arming and disarming of one or more systems or areas, as well as controlling any connected outputs. Users can check system status and lock, unlock, cycle or secure doors within G Series systems that include access control. And, they can view live video from Bosch IP cameras integrated with the panels.

App users connect to a system without a third-party server. This configuration eliminates failure points, reduces monthly costs for the dealer and allows the app to be used with a local Wi-Fi network when other Internet or cellular connections are not available.

Greater customization: G Series Control Panels can be easily programmed to carry out multiple functions with a single keypad command. These custom functions help security dealers tailor the system to their customers’ specific needs, while providing simple operation. In addition, scheduled events allow for the system to be automatically armed and disarmed at pre-determined times or to perform other functions based on an internal clock and calendar.

Greater protection: Unique features provide users with an added layer of security. For example, Area Re-Arm ensures sensitive areas are only disarmed for short periods. With automatic re-arming after a pre-determined time, critical locations – such as an ATM service room or pharmacy storage area – are never left unsecured. In addition, Monitor Delay checks doors and other points even when disarmed. Users can receive alerts to an emergency exit propped open, a loading dock door left ajar or other abnormal conditions to enhance security and help control heating and cooling costs.


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