Locate, Track and Zoom-in on Details with AUTODOME IP Camera Family

With the launch of its new AUTODOME IP 4000 and AUTODOME IP 5000 models, Bosch extends its family of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. These new models of motion control cameras help to locate, track and zoom in on details, providing relevant information that enable operators to react instantly and make accurate decisions. They add precise identification of objects of interest over large distances and hands-on control to all kinds of video surveillance solutions. Typical applications are large retail stores, shopping malls, convention centers and casinos where it is of utmost importance that security personnel are enabled to clearly see what is happening and to react instantly in case of suspicious situations.

Complete Range to Meet Every Need and Budget

The AUTODOME IP family offers a comprehensive range of moving (PTZ) cameras, ranging from the AUTODOME IP 4000 HD indoor model right up to high-end models such as the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD which includes IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) technology as standard. All models are available in 720p or full HD 1080p resolution. The AUTODOME IP 4000 HD camera, with its discreet dome housing, is designed to perfectly blend into the interior design of various applications and can identify objects of up to 95 meters away in full HD, thanks to its 12x optical zoom capabilities. When there is a need to cover a larger area both indoor and outdoor, such as public spaces, the AUTODOME IP 5000 HD is the ideal choice. Full pan and tilt control with the 30x optical zoom capabilities enable identification of objects of interest up to 190 meters away in full HD. For low light conditions, the AUTODOME IP 5000 IR camera ensures visibility up to 150 meters even in complete darkness. Its built-in intelligent IR beam ensures optimum illumination of objects regardless of the level of zoom. With superior privacy masking, the AUTODOME IP 5000 models safeguard the privacy of individuals when monitoring public spaces.

The AUTODOME IP 7000 models, introduced last year, are the most advanced cameras of the family. The AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD, for example, features the leading starlight technology of Bosch ensuring round-the-clock protection regardless of lightning conditions. Even in extreme low light (down to 0.052 lux), this camera still offers highly detailed color images where others will have already switched to monochrome. Its built-in Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) helps to focus on relevant situations by alerting only when needed and ensures the fast retrieval of the correct images by incorporating metadata.

By smartly combining up to 8 of 16 available IVA rules, complex tasks are made easy and false alarms are minimized. IVA also enables Intelligent Tracking which automatically tracks moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or a simple click. By distinguishing intelligently between single and multiple reference points, Intelligent Tracking will provide uninterrupted tracking. Optimal capturing of an object of interest is assured by dynamically adjusting the field of view. The AUTODOME IP family offers the opportunity to tailor and scale IP video solutions to fit specific needs.

Built-in Intelligence Ensuring Perfect Exposure and Lowest Network Strain

The AUTODOME IP cameras feature Intelligent Defog to considerably improve the camera’s visibility when viewing foggy or other low contrast scenes. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction reduces bitrates by up to 50 percent to significantly reduce storage costs and network strain. Since excess noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrates do not compromise the video quality. Local storage inside the camera further enhances network performance by compensating for short network outages, ensuring that video data is continuously available in Video Recording Manager (VRM) systems.

Since security managers cannot be in the control room all the time, the AUTODOME IP cameras fully support Dynamic Transcoding technology from Bosch, which – in combination with the Bosch Video Security app – provides 24/7 remote access to camera controls, live video streams, recordings and HD images from anywhere, regardless of available bandwidth. That is because Dynamic Transcoding automatically adjusts the bitrate to the available bandwidth to ensure smooth video streaming; when the video is paused at an incident, a full HD still image is shown instantly. To gain all benefits of Dynamic Transcoding, simply expand the IP video surveillance system with either a DIVAR IP recording solution or VIDEOJET XTC from Bosch.

Bosch IP standard-definition and high-definition cameras, encoders and analytics work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other industry providers. This is backed by ONVIF conformance (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which gives developers immediate access to software development tools to easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems.

The AUTODOME IP 4000 and AUTODOME IP 5000 cameras will be available worldwide from June 2015.

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