CSID Integrates Identity Chek Service Alerts from Early Warning

CSID is now offering Early Warning’s Identity Chek Service Alerts in the company’s identity management SaaS platform. Early Warning, trusted in fraud prevention and risk management, developed Identity Chek Service Alerts to enable identity theft protection subscribers to receive notification of questionable activity occurring in their contributed deposit and credit accounts.

By providing partners with the ability to send Identity Chek Service Alerts to their subscribers, CSID is continuing to provide services to help reduce the amount of time it takes for a consumer to become aware of financial account fraud.  According to Javelin Research & Strategy’s 2015 Identity Fraud Report, new account fraud victims are three times as likely to take a year or more to discover that their identities were used compared to other types of fraud. The more time it takes for a consumer to discover his or her identity has been stolen, the greater the opportunity for fraudsters to cause significant damage.

To enable detection of suspicious account activity, Early Warning reviews information contributed daily to its National Shared DatabaseSM Resource from hundreds of financial institutions to flag unusual or high-risk activity. Subscriber alerts generated include:

• New Bank Account Opening Alert – Notifies a subscriber if his or her SSN and personal information have been used to open a new bank account;

• Bank Account Takeover Alert – Notifies a subscriber if changes have been made to his or her existing bank account, including changes to account contact information or attempts to add new account holders;

• Credit Card Application Alert – Notifies a subscriber if his or her SSN and personal information have been used to apply for a new credit card; and

• Credit Card Opening Alert¬ – Notifies a subscriber if his or her SSN and personal information have been used to open a new credit card account.

“By leveraging these additional notification capabilities within our platform, we are empowering our clients with the ability to provide a valuable category of financial institution alerts to their subscribers that are not effectively detected by credit bureaus through traditional credit report monitoring,” said Joe Ross, president CSID. “Identity Chek Service Alerts from Early Warning is the latest in our comprehensive set of identity protection and management solutions offered under one unifying platform.”

“As new account fraud and account takeover fraud continue to result in the most severe identity theft incidents, the importance of reducing detection time is paramount,” said Kyle Thomas, chief marketing and sales officer, Early Warning. “Early Warning is proud to work with CSID to notify consumers of potential risk as soon as possible to protect them as well as the global financial system.”

The service is available through CSID’s proprietary SaaS platform for managed white label identity protection services, allowing rapid deployment of a customizable suite of identity protection and fraud detection services to consumers.

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