ISCON Imaging Honored with Government Security Awards

ISCON Imaging Inc., a manufacturer of patented infrared (IR) imaging screening systems, announced that it has been honored with Platinum- and Gold-level Government Security awards for its FocusScan and SecureScan screening solutions. The awards, presented by leading industry trade publication Security Products, recognize outstanding products that address security and operational challenges in the government market.

A panel of expert judges selected ISCON Imaging based on the technology’s unique features, innovation, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity and the impact on the security industry. FocusScan was selected as a Platinum-level winner in the Loss Prevention category, while SecureScan was chosen as a Gold-level winner in the Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions category.

“ISCON’s screening technology serves as a critical tool for protecting the well-being of employees and safeguarding assets,” said Bill Gately, CEO, ISCON Imaging. “These awards are a testament to the innovation and marketability of our patented IR technology, which has broad value for a number of vertical markets in the government, retail distribution, warehouse, campus and healthcare environments.”

SecureScan conducts whole-body scans that allow users to scan an individual to detect stolen inventory or weapons without privacy or health concerns. FocusScan is a handheld screening solution for mobile scanning needs. The Images are displayed on a high-quality touch screen, and captured for future auditing with a date and time stamp.

Both solutions are built on a patented thermo-conductive IR platform that first heats the screening subject, then assesses the cooling patterns of any object that may be hidden underneath an article of clothing and identifies it by its light structure. This technology does not use any artificial radiation of any kind, and does not violate the subject’s privacy, since long-wave infrared (LWIR) does not pass through clothing.

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