Farpointe's New Vandal- and Bullet-resistant Contactless Card Readers Take a Hit

Farpointe Data, a DORMA Group Company, announced that its Guardian vandal-resistant and Gibraltar bullet-resistant contactless proximity card readers are ideal for installations where more durability is required than with a standard proximity reader. They are becoming big hits at schools, universities, correctional institutions, housing authorities, factories, hospitals and other locales where RFID proximity and smart card readers can take a beating.

"The quality, durability and reliability of Farpointe Data's Guardian and Gibraltar Series Readers translate into significant financial advantages," advised Scott Lindley, Farpointe Data president. "In situations that would damage conventional readers, rugged Guardian and Gibraltar Series readers keep performing. As a result, end users eliminate costly repairs or replacements and integrators avoid nuisance service calls. The bottom-line results are compelling, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI) over the access control system's useful life."

Since there are many locations where standard housing is simply not enough for an RFID card reader, from standing up to a forklift in a factory, a student trying to tamper with a reader, a felon in a prison or a terrorist at a military base, the Farpointe line-up of Guardian vandal-resistant and Gibraltar bullet-resistant proximity card readers provides the protection needed to keep the access control system up and running.

In both types of hazard-resistant readers, protection is greatly enhanced because the electronics are sealed in weather-and tamper-resistant epoxy potting for both indoor and outdoor operations, not only providing an IP67 rating but protecting the electronics from water, steam, detergents, dust, sand, tools and other elements which could be used to impede data collection. In addition, the Guardian vandal-resistant readers are manufactured from thick polycarbonate material and ship standard with tamper-proof screws. An anti-tamper mode is also available, providing supervision of both the reader and its cabling.

Farpointe's Gibraltar bullet-resistant proximity card readers provide the highest level of vandal resistance by featuring a virtually indestructible exterior. In addition to all the features of the Guardian readers, the Gibraltar readers are milled from a solid block of stainless steel and reinforced with a bullet-resistant ShotBLOCKER insert that is compliant with UL752 performance level standards of ballistic protection.

"The Guardian and Gibraltar proximity card readers set the electronic security benchmark for durability in the 125-kHz proximity reader category," added Lindley. "They leverage proven contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and interface with a wide range of electronic access control systems by complying with the Wiegand communication protocol. They offer value-added features such as MAXSecure and fleaPower and can be ordered to support several different 125 kHz proximity card and tag technologies, including those from Farpointe, HID and AWID. Additionally, Guardian readers can be ordered to support 13.56 MHz Delta contactless smart card technology."

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