Ballistic Furniture Systems Introduces New Theater Security Products

Ballistic Furniture Systems, Inc. (BFS) announced the introduction of their newest product for theater security. Amulet Ballistic Barriers Retrofit ‘T’ Kits provide protection in cinema, theater and auditorium seating. This product acts as a bullet-resistant shield designed to protect individuals during an active shooter event.

Since the 2012 Century 16 shooting in Aurora, Colorado, BFS has been working with seating manufacturers and theater owners to create a product to increase safety by protecting patrons of movie theaters and performance centers from unexpected gun violence.

Amulet Ballistic Barriers ‘T’ Kits are easily installed into the backs of theater seating to create bullet-resistant spaces from multiple shots fired from the front or back of the theater. These barriers can be incorporated during seat manufacturing, or applied as a 'retrofit' to existing seating without having to replace entire banks of theater seats.

“Theaters, churches, schools and other gathering places are all vulnerable to acts of terrorism and threats from active shooters,” said Jeffrey Isquith, CEO of Ballistic Furniture Systems. “We must be proactive in creating safe havens for individuals.”

Amulet Ballistic Barriers ‘T’ Kits work in conjunction with typical human behavioral response to unexpected gunfire: to duck and cover or hide behind a barrier. Because it is installed within existing structures and seating, Amulet Ballistic Barriers are a passive, hidden solution that does not detract from the enjoyment of the theatre experience. This new solution is economical and efficient, and can be integrated into a comprehensive security system, like those outlined in USA Today and the LA Times.

Inclusion of safety measures like Amulet Ballistic Barriers may also help offset the significant increase in liability insurance costs many theater owners could soon face as a result of pending litigation.

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