Tyco Security Products Introduces PSX Power Solutions for Complete Power Needs

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco introduces its new line-up of high-efficiency PSX Power Solutions to provide clean, uninterrupted power to iSTAR door controllers, ensuring security system integrity during power failures. With advanced monitoring and diagnostic features, these power supplies provide the ability for complete network-based health monitoring and control of the power system.

Available in single and dual voltage configurations, PSX Power Solutions provide the supervision of ground fault, reverse battery, fire alarm activation, switched and resettable output status, intelligent battery charging, and battery state monitoring. The system can provide automatic email alerts on events such as an aging/drained battery, AC or system faults, and voltage/current/temperature alarms.

“Whether it’s a full-on power outage or a temporary loss of power security personnel want the assurance that they have uninterrupted power when it’s needed the most,” said Rick Focke, senior product manager, Tyco Security Products. “The PSX Power Solutions family not only addresses the critical need for power, but gives users immediate notification when an out-of-normal condition occurs, keeping downtime to a minimum. PSX Power Solutions provide pro-active monitoring with a full complement of diagnostic features that measure the health of the system.”

PSX Dual Voltage System is designed to provide uninterrupted back-up power to both the iSTAR Ultra controller, and all its associated locking devices, in a single wall-mounted or rack-mounted unit. The PSX Single Voltage System is available in both 75W and 150W wall-mounted models and serves as a general purpose power supply for iSTAR controllers as well as locks and auxiliary equipment. The PSX Single Voltage Rackmount System serves as a 75W general purpose power supply for the iSTAR Ultra rack mount door controller.

An optional PSX Network Communication Module allows users to monitor via LAN or WAN the status of the power system including power output levels, battery condition, fault status, internal cabinet temperature, and perform remote battery testing. Through the Network Communication Module users can also receive email notifications on conditions such as aging or drained battery, fire alarm interface activation, and voltage/current/temperature alarms.

Other available accessories are the PSX Power Distribution Module, which adds eight Class 2 power-limited outputs to a PSX power supply to power auxiliary equipment; the PSX Lock Distribution Board, which adds eight Class 2 power-limited outputs for buffered lock control; and PSX Rackmount and Wallmount Battery Enclosures.

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