Absolute Collaborates with RSA to Offer Enhanced Endpoint Data Collection & Remediation

Absolute Software Corporation announced it has joined the RSA Ready Technology Partnership program.

This collaboration supports the interoperability of endpoint data collected by Absolute within RSA Security Analytics from RSA, the Security Division of EMC. This effort is designed to deliver seamless interoperability between Absolute and RSA Security Analytics.

Joint customers can use the Absolute SIEM connector to feed critical Absolute endpoint data directly into the RSA Security Analytics monitoring platform. If an endpoint security alert is triggered, customers can rapidly investigate and respond within the broader context of the RSA Security Analytics environment, where they can also correlate logs, packets, NetFlow, and endpoint data – all within a single platform.

"Absolute’s Persistence technology is engineered to provide timely and accurate data from endpoints that are on and off network, which is very meaningful to our mutual customers and often hard to obtain,” said Chad Loeven, director of partnerships, RSA. "This integration will provide for those mutual customers detailed insight into what’s occurring with an endpoint, delivering deeper visibility and intelligence.”

“Absolute and RSA customers use a layered approach as the best defense against data and network security incidents,” said Geoff Haydon, chief executive officer, Absolute. “This interoperability partnership reflects the importance of IT security leaders working together and, whenever possible, providing meaningful connectivity between technologies so that our customers can quickly assess and respond appropriately to each security incident.”

Persistence technology is embedded into the core of most devices at the factory. Once activated, it provides organizations with comprehensive visibility into all of their devices so they can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and take action if a security incident occurs. Most importantly, they can apply remote security measures to protect each device and the data it contains.

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