Israel Deploys Troops to Bolster Security

Israel Deploys Troops to Bolster Security

The nation is on high alert after a number of violent incidents

According to a report, hundreds of Israeli troops have been deployed today in order to help police forces amid a deadly wave of violence that has the country shaken. A series of attacks left three people dead and more than 20 wounded.


A set of security measures was approved  after the violence, including: enlarging the police force, revoking the permanent residency rights of terrorists, authoring police to surround areas of violence, and deploying military unites to reinforce police on cities and roads.


300 soldiers are currently working under the command of Israel’s national police and security has been increased throughout Jerusalem, where many of the attacks have been.


A checkpoint was set up in East Jerusalem, where several of the attackers originated from, according to the report.


The attacks have caused some to worry about a Palestinian uprising, as at least seven Israelis and 30 Palestinians have died in shootings.

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