Two-Thirds of Security Professionals Expect at Least One Acquisition Next Year

A Capital One survey found that eighty-five percent also expect improved financial performance

Capital One has announced that a survey found the majority of security system professionals, 68 percent, expect to complete at least one acquisition in the next year, and 16 percent expect at least three acquisitions. 85 percent also expect improved financial performance within the next year.

"The increased availability of capital and the entry of sophisticated investors make this an attractive buyers' market for security companies," said John Robuck, Managing Director, Capital One Commercial Banking. "However, leveraging M&A requires working with the right financing partner who understands the industry, and can ensure any transaction is priced and structured correctly to enable future growth."

Thirty-six percent say increased competition will have the largest impact on their business, followed by technology innovation, consolidation and increased cybersecurity threats.

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