Microsoft Revamps Security Plan

Microsoft Revamps Security Plan

Microsoft, whose software and operating systems run the vast majority of personal computers, has been working to bulk up cybersecurity features as it seeks to boost sales in cloud and productivity products.

In its first moves on security in nearly two years, the company is building a dedicated site and assembling a new group of experts to help Microsoft respond faster to threats across its various products.

Cybersecurity and preventing hacking and stolen data has become a key challenge in the software industry after a number of high-profile attacks in recent months, including Sony, Anthem Inc. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Microsoft’s new security strategy centers around a platform that offers features to protect from, detect, and respond to threats, an intelligence network and coordination with other industry players.

In order to make that happen, Microsoft is planning a site staffed with employees around the clock from across different departments that will analyze data from all the products and respond in real-time to threats. The company has also created the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group to support customers’ needs to keep their data safe.

Part of the new strategy is to offer cloud, mobile and on-premise security features accessed through Microsoft’s Windows 10, Azure and Office 365 products. The products will integrate with one another and “inter-operate” with other security features as well.

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