Football Contest Pays Off for Two Monitronics Dealers

Millions of fans have been wrapped up in fantasy football this season, but two dealers from Monitronics’ Authorized Dealer Network learned that you can mix business with fun and win great prizes – including lodging, transportation and tickets to an NFL game.

Dallas-based Monitronics has a fantasy football twist incorporated into its “MFL Challenge.” It’s the Monitronics Football League, a friendly competition among dealers to motivate quality account production. In order to compete, the MFL Challenge required Monitronics Authorized Dealers to meet certain performance criteria to qualify.  Dealers were separated into two conferences: the Moni1Klub Conference, dealers that produce at least 1,000 accounts a year, and the Elite Conference, dealers that produce at least 120 accounts a year.

Participating Monitronics dealers earned fantasy points and prizes each week when outperforming against their “preseason average” to encourage improvement. At the end of a six-week “regular season,” the field narrowed to 32 dealers that competed head-to-head in each conference’s playoffs.

Palmetto Alarm of South Carolina won the Elite Advantage Conference playoffs, and captured two tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins game on Jan. 3 in Arlington, Texas.  As winner of the Moni1Klub Conference playoffs, American Defense Systems of Dallas, Texas, opted for a cash prize of $5,000 instead of the tickets.

Jay Branham, owner of Palmetto Alarm, said he was surprised to see his company advancing further in the competition each week. “When it came down to the end, I was pretty confident we had it in the bag,” he said. “I knew how much our team wanted to win, so we had to pull through.”

Jay sees contests like the MFL Challenge as just another way that Monitronics continues to effectively engage its dealers.

“I thought the Monitronics Football League contest was a lot of fun,” he said. “My team really enjoys the friendly competition.”

“We appreciate the efforts of all of our dealers, so we’re always looking for fun ways to encourage them to take their game to the next level,” said Bruce Mungiguerra, Monitronics Senior Vice President of Operations. “The prizes were perfect for two dealers who came out on top against some tough competition.”

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