Hikvision Video Surveillance Solution Wins Homeland Security Award for Memphis Police Department

Hikvision USA, the North American leader in innovative, award-winning video surveillance products, is excited to announce that the Memphis Police Department (MPD) has been honored with a Homeland Security Award as a result of their partnership with Hikvision. Presented by Government Security News, the award was given to MPD in the category of  “Most Notable Law Enforcement Interdiction, Arrest, Counterterrorism, or Crime Prevention Program.”

Government Security News’ awards programs were founded in 2009 to honor the distinguished vendors of IT, physical, and integrated security solutions, and the dedicated officials in federal, state, county, and municipal government whose combined efforts protect the United States from all threats.

When speaking of the awards handed out this year, Adrian Courtenay, CEO and editorial director of Government Security News, said “The technological advances from vendors and the ever more sophisticated programs and strategies of government agencies are mind-boggling in their excellence.”

MPD’s use of video surveillance to protect the city of Memphis encompasses nearly 600 Hikvision cameras, many of which have smart features such as line crossing and intrusion detection that enable the cameras to send instant alerts to police officers when someone enters or leaves a designated area. Cameras are mounted on mobile trailers and utility poles, sending data to MPD’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), where a video wall displays live streams from cameras throughout the city. The RTCC incorporates customized software that provides information on criminal activity and crime patterns.  All in all, MPD’s crime prevention program has made a significant impact on public safety.

“We have been excited to use video surveillance and other state-of-the-art technologies to better serve the people of Memphis, and we are honored to be recognized for our efforts by Government Security News,” remarked Sergeant Joseph Patty, video surveillance manager for MPD.

Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada, spoke about Hikvision’s commitment to their partners in law enforcement. “Hikvision’s high-performing products are presently serving police departments all across North America. We are very pleased that the Memphis Police Department has seen such a great benefit from their Hikvision video surveillance solution, and we extend our congratulations to the Memphis Police Department on their award.”

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