Samsung Techwin America is Now Hanwha Techwin America

Industry Leader Continues Growth and Innovation under New Name

 UPDATE: Tom Cook, vice president for sales and marketing at Samsung Techwin said only the name will change, while branding and marketing will remain the same.

“Today’s announcement to the industry press precedes our announcement that will be making on Sunday at our dealer summit in Puerto Rico,” Cook said. “We have 125 dealers that we want to acknowledge and inform, so that when they show up at ISC West in early April, there won’t be any surprises.”

Samsung Techwin has been a co-owner of the Samsung brand, but operated independently from the corporate structure. About a year ago, Hanwha Corp. acquired Samsung Techwin and is now fully immersing them into that culture. Cook said that Samsung Techwin did not share concepts and ideas, including research and development with the corporate brand.

“Just to be sure there is no confusion, our products stay the same,” Cook said. “We have a terrific sales force in North America. Eventually, we make our own brand but we have to answer the questions of, ‘Will there be a transition, and when.’”

Cook said that Samsung Techwin has seen two years of phenomenal growth, including 65 percent two years ago and 36 percent in 2015. Hanwha, now the parent company, is a $56 billion conglomerate that fully expects the security division to grow faster than in past years, which will be an ambitious goal. The North American market is a leading area for growth, and Cook said the company plans to invest more heavily in North America.

Samsung Techwin America has announced that as of April 1st, 2016 the company will be operating under the name Hanwha Techwin America.


“One year ago we made the announcement that Samsung Techwin had become a part of Hanwha Corporation. While our name is changing, the innovation, quality and reliability of our products will remain the same,” said Soon Hong Ahn, President, Hanwha Techwin America. “The same is true for our factories, sales companies and channel partners which remain unchanged – Hanwha Techwin America will continue to offer the best in value and performance to the professional surveillance and security industry.”


Samsung branded solutions offered by Hanwha Techwin include a growing line of the industry’s most advanced WiseNetIII megapixel cameras, along with new additions to the popular WiseNet Lite line for SMB applications. The company’s introduction of WiseNet Analog HD+ (Analog High Definition) cameras and DVRs enables users with analog infrastructure to enter the HD arena.
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