New Security Measures for the Indy 500

New Security Measures for the Indy 500

Officials expect a record-breaking crowd – totaling over 100,000 more people than usual - at this year’s Indy 500 in Indianapolis. Spectators from all over the country are coming to see Indy’s 100th race, no doubt a marker in history.

With the bigger crowd come a handful of new security protocols and several more public safety officers. More than 50 law enforcement agencies will help Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), where the race will take place, this year.

The new security measures will include 20 percent more public safety representatives at IMS, including police, medics and firefighters. Additional check-points were added to some of the speedway’s busiest gates, these “pre-checks,” or secondary perimeters, will be marked outside of gates 1 and 6. Once there, fans will have their bags and coolers inspected.

Vehicles will be searched at random as they drive onto IMS property. K-9 officers will be present to detect threats in traffic while keeping the cars moving.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is also providing equipment with the ability to scan license plates as vehicles enter into the area. The hope is to be able to identify stolen vehicles.

Because of the larger crowd, police are asking attendees to arrive early to allow for time to park, get through the gates and make it to your seat before the race starts.

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