Security Products Dad Will Love

Security Products Dad Will Love

What father doesn’t like to receive gifts that give him peace of mind in knowing that his family, home and things are safe? I know my Dad would love to receive any one of the following products and maybe yours will to! From cameras to gesture pads and even smart light bulbs, you can’t go wrong wrapping up any one of these products and handing them to your Dad this Father’s Day.

SkyBell HD

Give your Dad a secure way of checking who is at the front door without ever having to leave his favorite place on the couch. With the SkyBell HD by Monitronics, he can see who is on the front porch through 180-degree 5x zoom high-definition video. The camera also allows for color night vision that could come in handy when the sun goes down. The doorbell camera will automatically record each visitor at the door, whether they have pushed the doorbell or not. The recordings are saved to the user’s free cloud account and available to download to any mobile device on the SkyBell account.


Sometimes all Dad wants is to feel in control of everything with just the wave of his hand. With Fibaro SWIPE, he can do just that. The unique gesture control pad allows him to control home automation devices with just a few gestures. The pad works by recognizing six simple gestures that can be connected to control things like, lighting, temperature and even a home security system. The pad can even be installed behind a wall so that is unseen. Go ahead and let your Father tell all the Dad Jokes he wants about how he is magic.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Is your Dad constantly nagging everyone to turn off all the lights while he mutters under his breath that he’s “not made of money?” Well giving him BeON’s smart LED light bulbs could fix all his problems. The light bulbs use smart modules that will learn a family’s lighting habits and automatically turn on and off based on normal lighting routines. The bulbs can also be used to deter criminals when the homeowners are out of town by resuming the normal lighting patters while they are away. The smart modules can also be connected to fire alarms and in the event of an emergency, they will light up to help get people out of the home safely.

About the Author

Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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