Integrated Revolutionary Life Safety Technology Kicks Off ASIS 2016 at Texas Night

OffSite Vision Holdings, Inc., (OSVH) specialists in real-time security and safety solutions, today announced that the company will play an integral role in the 2016 Texas Night event hosted by the ASIS Region 3 (Texas) Chapter at ASIS International being held on September 11th at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Orlando, FL.  As a kick-off to ASIS International, OSVH will bring its new EmergenZ™ People Pass System to the front door at the Texas Night event to help streamline the entry process and authorize attendees efficiently and at a rapid rate of speed - 6 seconds per guest. To accomplish this, OSVH will be integrating several technologies from multiple security vendors that include Orion Entrance Control, Inc., Genetec, and Blue Line Technology into a unified entry process solution to help prevent unverified individuals from entering the venue.

OSVH will be bringing an authentication system to the door that will allow over 1800 pre-registered guests & VIP’s entering the venue to experience credential verification that includes ID verification.  A special ID bracelet will be issued to each guest after their ID is validated or manually entered into the registration system. Once verified, the guest can enter the venue with a bracelet that allows the turnstile to open and allow entry. If a guest entering the venue has not pre-registered, the ID information will be entered and paired with a bracelet and verified.  Once verification takes place and is accepted, a bracelet will be issued and the registered guest will be allowed to enter the venue. In addition, a welcome message will be delivered on their mobile phone via MMS or email.

“We are extremely excited to launch our new integrated life safety solution - EmergenZ™ People Pass System at the ASIS 2016 Texas Night and share our unified entry process solution with security management professionals from around the world,” states Mark Eklund, President at OSVH. “In addition to preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the venue, the ASIS Houston Chapter can also verify how many people attended, who attended, and how long each person stayed at the event.” With hundreds of chapters across the globe, the ASIS Houston Chapter will be relying on this new revolutionary technology to help verify all guests at ASIS Texas Night and keep security top of mind with a showdown at this high profile event.

At the 2016 ASIS International trade show, attendees will be able to see live demos of the OSVH technology in two different booths. At the Orion Entrance Control’s booth #751, OSVH will be showcasing its integration of facial recognition partnering with Blue Line Technology. OSVH’s EmergenZ™ Response demos will be featured at Databuoy’s booth # 2369.

OSVH will be partnering at ASIS 2016 with the following technology vendors:

Orion Entrance Controls, Inc. -  provides technically superior optical turnstile solutions for high-rise buildings, government centers, education campuses and corporate headquarters.

Databuoy -  offers location data and time stamps that instantly notify subscribers about an event and include reports that are time-stamped and geo-coded.

Blue Line Technology -  is a software company dedicated to the development of intelligent facial recognition and video security systems.

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