Berk-Tek Expands its EVERYTHING IP Platform to Include Fiber Solutions

Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company and manufacturer of giber and copper network infrastructure solutions, expands its EVERYTHING IP platform to include fiber optic solutions.     

Years ago, Berk-Tek recognized that IP networks would one day be at the center of virtually everything we do.  Hence, EVERYTHING IP would eventually be here and it would mean lots of changes in what we need and expect from our network infrastructure. At that time, Berk-Tek identified three market drivers that would force the development of new technologies: Explosive Bandwidth Growth, an Evolution in Wireless Technology, and More Power over Ethernet. 

As a result of the Evolution in Wireless Technology, we are now starting to experience the rapid adoption of Category 6A, primarily to support the growth of the 802.11ac wireless technology.  As the speed and bandwidth of wireless access points (WAP) continues to increase with 802.11ac, not only will we need more Category 6A to each WAP, but also, more WAPs will be needed to support the same square footage as previous 802.11 generations.

The industry is therefore witnessing a transition from 1-Gigabit drops to a wall outlet to 10-Gigabit drops to ceiling outlets.  The 10-Gigabit backbone installed 10 years ago to support 1-Gigabit drops isn’t going to be enough anymore.  Moving to a 40-Gigabit backbone to support a growing number of 10-Gigabit drops warrants serious consideration.

Berk-Tek’s new EVERYTHING IP platform explains that moving from 10 Gigabits per second to 40 Gigabits per second reduces the reach of OM3 fiber (typically used in backbone applications) from 300 meters to 100 meters. Berk-Tek has a very unique multimode solution using their GIGAliteTM-10XB fiber with their enhanced transceivers. The solution allows customers to extend their reach to 500 meters at 40 Gigabits without having to move to a much more expensive single mode solution.

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