DSI Security Services and Viewpoint CRM Announce Partnership

DSI Security Services and Viewpoint Monitoring have announced a partnership to provide a wider array of security services for clients across all industries.

By blending DSI Security’s expertise and long history of providing security officer and electronic services with Viewpoint’s deployment of the latest innovative technologies in video monitoring, both companies are striving to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers.

“DSI Security Services is known as a strong presence in the Security Officer Services industry, and has a robust electronics division that was looking to take their offerings across a larger platform. We are proud that Viewpoint was chosen by them as a partner,” said Brad Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of Viewpoint CRM. “DSI recognized us as the leader in our industry, and the fact that Viewpoint is equipment agnostic was a motivating factor for them,” Gordon said. “This means that we can monitor most of the various video systems in use today, and allows DSI to introduce our services with a minimum of time and expense.”

The partnership is built on a foundation of similar forward-thinking philosophies and a dedication to providing quality service for all clients.

“DSI has been exploring the concept of remote video monitoring for a while, and we know that our current and future customers can benefit greatly from the integration of technology and security officer services,” said Alan Clark DSI Chairman of The Board. “In meeting with Viewpoint, spending time at their remote monitoring center, and studying the potential benefit this would have for our customer base, we were certainly convinced that we needed to leverage the work they have already done in this area to bring our services to the next level.”

An integrated security program these two companies will collaborate on will include camera monitoring being turned over to Viewpoint’s command center, where highly trained video agents will be responsible for all monitoring duties. This includes conducting proactive patrols, responding to and visually verifying alarms, reviewing archived video, providing authorities with images, and watching an entire property using the latest CCTV technology. Security officers are then able to focus on tasks such as performing patrols, customer service and emergency response.

Both companies stressed that a “blended system” can also enhance site coverage through communication and collaboration between the “eyes on the sky” at the monitoring center and the security officers’ “boots on the ground” at the site. “A security officer can inform the monitoring center when he or she is about to conduct a foot patrol, respond to an incident, or take time to escort employees to the parking lot,” Clark explained. ”And if the monitoring center detects an event away from the security officer’s current patrol, they can notify the security officer of the details of that event in real-time. With some systems, officers can even access video coverage of the event via mobile devices before they arrive on the scene.”

The Partnership between DSI Security Services and Viewpoint Monitoring became official in October and the two companies are already actively working on projects for current DSI customers.

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