CBC LightGuard Action Camera Recorder Named as Attendee's Choice for Featured Product Showcase

CBC AMERICAS’ LightGuard was named as a winner of the 2016 Attendee’s Choice for the Featured Product Showcase at ISC East in New York.  The Security Industry Association (SIA) sponsors ISC East, the largest security event in the Northeast.

Each year, the Featured Product Showcase recognizes the attendee’s choice for the most innovative new technology in the design of electronic security products, systems and services. The LightGuard, a 1080p video camera/recorder with a 6mm lens and a rechargeable flashlight all-in-one, was recognized for its combination of high performance technology and discreet design.

The LightGuard includes a MicroSD card slot, built-in emergency alarm and RFID option to record the patrol route. Ideal for law enforcement, security patrolling, military, industrial and nighttime surveillance applications.

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