RapidRun Optical Modular Cabling System Eases the 4K/UHD Transition for the Residential Market

Middle Atlantic Products announced today that C2G's powerful commercial solutions are now available exclusively to residential integrator partners along with Middle Atlantic robust roster of power and AV system foundational products. C2G offers integrators an unmatched level of support and quality across its full breadth of high-performance cabling and connectivity products, including the recently expanded RapidRun® Optical modular cabling system. The system's runners are now available in 15- and 25-feet options, allowing integrators to provide all the performance necessary to transmit 4K/UHD 4:4:4 signals.

"As 4K content proliferates, home owners want to affordably and easily upgrade their entertainment and living spaces to support this trend," said Alec Conrad, senior product manager, signal path, at Middle Atlantic. "RapidRun Optical presents integrators with a modular option that leverages today's advanced fiber-based cabling technology to seamlessly upgrade any space while easing cable installation complexities. As a result, end-users can now have unfettered, maximum audio and video performance from 15 all the way up to 1,000 feet."

The new RapidRun Optical solution features the line's hallmark modular options of break-away flying leads and wall plates that simply attach onto the appropriate length runner cable to carry 4K/UHD 4:4:4 signals. With shorter runner lengths now available, integrators have more options to fit their installation needs. The fiber-based solution features 18 Gbps bandwidth, enabling it to support 4K signals today and provide a solid foundation for any future connections. RapidRun is engineered so integrators only need to swap out the flying leads as formats evolve, eliminating the time-consuming task of pulling cable again. It also boasts a diameter of just a half-inch and a tight bend radius of just 5 mm — enabling integrators to easily bend it around sharp corners, pull it through tight spaces, and snap on the flying leads. The system is OFNP (plenum) rated, resists electromagnetic interference and operates from a single low-voltage USB power port on the display end of the cable, eliminating the need for additional AC outlets and simplifying installations.

The new RapidRun Optical runner lengths, along with the line's full portfolio of runners, flying leads, wall plates, and accessories, are available now. For more information please visit Middle Atlantic AV connectivity.

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