Heightened Security as Electors Gather to Cast Ballots

Heightened Security as Electors Gather to Cast Ballots

Today, Monday, December 19, Electoral College voters are casting their ballots from their states’ capitol for the next President of the United States. While this vote is usually a drama-free process, this year some capitols are beefing up security as protests and rallies are scheduled to collide with the meetings.

In Austin, a rally and protest are expected to greet Texas’ 38 Electoral College voters this afternoon as they ascend into the Capitol. Protesters at the scene will show up in herds asking voters to flip their vote. One Texas voter, Chris Suprun, has already publicly said he would not be voting to support Donald Trump in a New York Times editorial earlier this month.

Austin Police officers will be downtown to protect those who will be voting, but also to ensure that the protests do not get out of hand. Security inside of the Capitol will also be tight; all those in the building will be screened before taking their seat in the house chambers.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, electors will be met with fanfare and security as they make their way to the Pennsylvania House of Representative’s camber. Seating for the event is available on a first-come-first-serve basis and each person will be screened as they enter into the building. Police and security will also be on hand to oversee protests and rallies in the perimeter of the voting location.

Protesters by the name of “Hamilton Electors” will be showing up at voting locations around the country to take a shot at flipping electors votes, but most gatherings have been deemed peaceful.

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