Countries around the World React to Berlin Attack

Countries around the World React to Berlin Attack

Countries around the world are beefing up security in major cities and around holiday events following the vehicle attack in Berlin, Germany on December 19.

The truck, which can be described as a semi, or 18-wheeler, jumped a sidewalk and plowed through a blocked off street reserved for pedestrians enjoying the Christmas Market. Twelve people were killed and more than 40 more were injured. As of Tuesday, police were still looking for the driver in what they’ve been calling, a “terrorist attack.”

When news of the incident made its way across the world, countries began to deploy more officers to the streets, up perimeter security and warn residence to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

In France, President Francois Hollande said the country was under a “high level of threat” following the events in Berlin, but also pointed out that the country already has a large-scale security operation in place.

France’s town of Strasbourg has been a particular concern for security forces this Christmas, as it is a frequent tourist spot but has also had its share of jihadist cells broken up within its vicinity. The Christmas market in the town will have police and barricades set up at various entry points as well as bag checks and private security guards that will be mingling with the crowds during high population hours.

In Austria, the traditional home of the Christmas market, authorities said security will be stepped up around the cities with the most popular attractions. Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka urged people to carry on with their normal routines, but to be alert to anything unusual.

In the United States, cities around the country are beefing up security by adding additional officers, especially in the crowded cities of Chicago and New York City. Police are paying special attention to crowded public areas and holiday gatherings. Both cities cautioned that the increased police presence was strictly preventative and no specific threat had been received.

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