Surveillance Footage Shows Toddler Rescuing Twin

Surveillance Footage Shows Toddler Rescuing Twin

A home surveillance video shows two-year-old twins Brody and Bowdy playing in their room on Friday, December 30, 2016. The footage would show the two climbing up onto a dresser in the corner and the dramatic collapse that would pin Brody for almost two minutes before his brother helped him escape.

The footage shows Brody rounding the dresser several times trying to find a way to lift the piece of furniture off his brother. After some heavy lifting, Bowdy is able to free Brody.

The twins' parents, Ricky and Kayli Shoff, decided to put the video on social media in order to create awareness for events like these. They told friends and family that the Brody was able to get out from under the dresser without any scrapes or bruises thanks to his brother.

Ricky told local news stations that he works at a company that sells home surveillance systems and has surveillance cameras throughout his house.

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