Historic Inauguration Day Begins Amid Protests, Tight Security

Historic Inauguration Day Begins Amid Protests, Tight Security

[UPDATED: January 20, 2017 1:45 p.m.]

Protestors have become violent on the streets of downtown Washington. D.C. police report that almost 100 people have been arrested and at least two officers have been injured in the protests.

Demonstrators began smashing windows of local businesses while overturning trashcans and throwing rocks at parked cars and police officers. At least one trashcan fire was reported as well.

Police have begun to deploy teargas to breakup the more violent protests.

Original story posted below.

Law enforcement officials have been planning security measures for Inauguration Day for over a year. They are ready to handle anything, especially demonstrators who have descended upon Washington D.C. to protest the events of the historic day.

In the early hours of Friday, January 20, scattered demonstrations broke out just hours before Donald Trump’s swearing in. At one security check point about 50 protesters sat down in the street in an attempt to block people from entering a secure area to watch the ceremony.

Secret Service and police are quick to move in and keep traffic moving despite the protests. The Secret Service tweeted out that all check points were open.

Security fences and police have been deployed around protests that have permits to demonstrate. U.S. Secret Service and Capital Police have told protestors that they will be there to protect them as long as the protests stay peaceful and do not interfere with the events of the day.

Almost 28,000 law enforcement officials will be positioned to protect the 700,000 to 900,000 people attending the ceremony.

Police have deployed security measures to protect those people from vehicle, lone wolf and cybersecurity attacks. A perimeter of trucks, dumpsters and metal fences have been placed to keep out unauthorized persons as well as a network surveillance system to catch any security events.

Stay tuned for more information on the security surrounding the Inauguration events.

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