Westinghouse Security Integrates its Z-Wave Enabled RTS Electronic Lock with Alarm.com Platform

Westinghouse Security announces the integration of its RTS lock, including Z-Wave technology, with Alarm.com’s leading platform for the intelligently connected home and business. With the availability of this lock, Alarm.com service providers can grow their business in the commercial sector with an advanced security, energy, automation and access solution. By simply connecting lights, thermostats, and locks to an Alarm.com-powered security system, businesses can become safer, smarter and more efficient.

Purpose built for Alarm.com, the RTS-PZA lock works with an Alarm.com-connected security panel and can be included and operated in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave and Alarm.com certified devices. The RTS-PZA is a robust, full-bodied lock in a satin chrome finish that includes a Zamak 5 cast enclosure for high strength and durability. In addition, the 83 percent Made in America lock is IP56 tested and has high resistance to humidity, dust, and rain.

“The partnership with Alarm.com allows Westinghouse Security to move beyond offering traditional stand-alone access control systems and be part of an integrated security solution,” notes Brian Moses, chief sales officer, Westinghouse Security. “In this system, when a user locks or unlocks the RTS-PZA, a notification is pushed out to the Alarm.com subscriber—allowing a business owner to know if their locations opened on time, when and by whom,” adds Moses.

According to Moses, “Alarm.com has long been recognized for connecting a broad range of smart devices with a single application; now our lock helps extend Alarm.com’s product offerings for the business community.”

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