Security Services Prevented 13 UK Terrorist Attacks since 2013

Security Services Prevented 13 UK Terrorist Attacks since 2013

Security services have prevented 13 potential terror attacks since June 2013, according to UK’s senior counter-terrorism police officer.

Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley disclosed the figures as he launched an appeal, Action Counters Terrorism, for the public to report suspicions to the police. Rowley argued that information from the public has helped the police in a third of the most high-risk investigations, according to reports.

Tips from the public have also helped to stop at least 13 terror attacks, a figure one higher than the last update that was given in October of 2016. Police have not details what the 13 incidents since 2013 were, but UK media says a number of them have already gone through the court system.

Rowley described the public’s help as “extraordinary,” and said that, “some of the information is a change in someone’s behavior, some of it is about suspicious activity.”

Rowley even admitted that it is because of public information that some investigations even begin. Because of this, he asks the public to “trust your instinct” and “don’t be cautious” when thinking of reporting something suspicious.

As part of the appeal, police will produce a podcast of untold stories of how terrorist attacks were fouled, featuring accounts from detectives, bomb disposal and surveillance officers. The goal is to create awareness and educate the public on what to look for.

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