The Big Push

About 1,000 of our best friends will be putting their latest technology on display in Las Vegas next week, and I'm anxious to see what's new and what has evolved over the past few months. 

If you are not planning on attending ISC West, keep up with us and our daily e-news, including our Live From ISC West with our Social Media Coordinator, Matt Holden, who will be busy in five of the booths at the show bringing you live coverage of the event as it unfolds.

Matt will be working with Salient (booth 26041), Open Options (booth 1097), BCDVideo (booth 18053), Lilin (booth 4103) and Everbridge (booth 3040). Matt works hand in hand with our sales team to provide these advertisers/manufacturers with ongoing social media opportunities, via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, during ISC West. Each of these manufacturers will have premium coverage from our social media accounts every time Matt enters their booth. His job is to keep you up to date on what they are doing, and when.

Our online editor, Brent Dirks will be providing all of you with morning updates from the tradeshow floor. Brent is the busiest person on our staff when it comes to the tradeshow business. Not only does he travel the floor learning more about new products, but at the end of the day, he secludes himself in his hotel room to make sure the electronic version of Security Today E-news is prepared and ready for you to read the next morning. Brent is allowed an evening meal, so don't feel too bad for him. He loves what he does and it keeps him away from the gaming tables.

New for us this year, Lindsay Page has been named as the editor of our Campus Security & Life Safety publication. She will have individual copies of this April issue with her as she begins her new responsibilities of securing editorial contributions for the July issue, and those beyond. It wouldn't surprise me if she asks for another issue during 2017 as Campus Security has quickly become today's clarion call for security.

There are a lot of things over the years that we have watched evolve. Not long ago it was convergence, and then there was the 4K camera and video analytics. There has been any number of technologies that have made a debut at ISC West.

This week, look for and see how many manufacturers are answering the call to provide the best body-worn camera for law enforcement. I have received stacks of press releases from companies who will have their newest technology on display. This is today's hot point for security solutions.

Last and certainly not least, several of the manufacturers on the show floor have chosen to participate in our GOVIES product contest. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 5, and that consists of Platinum and Gold finalists. Each of them will be honored by our GovSec specialty publication in the May issue of Security Today, and each of them will receive a trophy for their technologies and contribution to the industry. We are especially pleased to have worked with all the nominees and thank them for their solutions to make today's world a more secure place.

Enjoy the show, and travel safely.

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