3 Packing Tips for ISC West

3 Packing Tips for ISC West

Last year was my first year at ISC West and I completely and totally over-packed as I didn’t know exactly what to expect out of the largest security trade show in Las Vegas. This year, I know exactly what to bring and what to leave at home when I’m packing for my trip.

Protect your feet

I know everyone says this, but it really is super important to bring and wear comfy shoes to the show. Last year, my Fitbit clocked my steps at just over 28,000. I walked almost 12 miles in just one day at the show! I don’t think I have to tell you that I soaked my feet in the bathtub that night when I finally got back to my hotel room.

In order to avoid the dreaded foot pain and blisters, make sure you bring a pair of shoes you know you’ll be comfortable in and won’t hinder your ability to hit up a last minute conversation at a booth across the show or walk to a business dinner down the Strip.

Bring a bag

Thankfully, I am a pack-mule and bring a bag with me to every show, but some do not. There is so much information that you get while on the show floor that there is no way you can remember it all, which is why most companies provide brochures and USB drives to pass out so that you have something to remember them by. There are also the few booths that give out swag to people who come by their booth; you have to have somewhere to put this stuff!

Another benefit of bringing a bag is having a place to stuff all the business cards you will most likely receive while on the show floor. While placing these in your pants’ pocket isn’t a terrible idea, business cards are like currency at ISC West and you’ll want to make sure the ones you receive find a safe place to be.

Have a snack

Maybe this is just me, but I am constantly craving a snack and when I’m on the show floor, meeting with others tends to be a higher priority than seeking out food. If you are like this too, then it would be a good idea to throw a few snacks in that bag you’re bringing so that you have something to munch on while you’re crossing the floor from one end to the other.

Once you’ve re-energized, you’ll feel ready to hike to over to a company and talk partnerships and integration as well as new products and innovative solutions.

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