Security Changes at Magic Kingdom

Security Changes at Magic Kingdom

Security changes at Disney’s Magic Kingdom look to improve visitors’ entrance experience, diminish long lines and increase security park-wide.

The theme park is in the process of moving security check points outside the transportation and ticket center, where guests will be screened as soon as they get off the tram coming from the parking lot.

The park has already set up security barricades in the ground and tents over possible points of security, but there is no word on when they will switch to the new method.

The new location for security screening will also help to increase security on places like the monorail of ferry boats that lead into the park by screening guests before they enter the ticket center.

There will be smaller security stations at other locations to screen guests who are not coming from the parking lot area, such as from the Disney hotels or the train station outside of Magic Kingdom.

The security checkpoint move is only one in a long list of a ways Disney is looking to increase security around all of its parks. In October of 2016, Disney introduced metal detectors at the front gates and in January, Disney announced that it would be hiring and training all its own security personnel.

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