Metro Station in Russia Rocked by Explosion

Metro Station in Russia Rocked by Explosion

Ten people have been killed and nearly 50 others have been injured in an explosion at a metro station in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, state-run media TASS reported on Monday morning.

The explosion took place on a subway car at the Sennaya Ploshchad station and forced the shutdown of the entire metro system.

Images showed passengers running through plumes of smoke and one video even showed the side of the subway car with pieces of it having been ripped off – the result of an alleged explosion.

Local security forces have told reporters that numbers of those killed and injured are still being investigated and those in critical condition are being airlifted out of the city for medical attention.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken with security services about the investigation and has said they will not be ruling out any causes behind the explosion.

“The reasons for the explosion are unknown,” Putin said. “It is too early to talk about it.”

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