Hanwha Techwin Global Partners with NVIDIA to Develop Surveillance Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Hanwha Techwin announced today a global partnership with NVIDIA to develop innovative new surveillance solutions with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) offered by Hanwha. NVIDIA, a US-based company and pioneer in computer graphics, is renowned for its development and manufacture of advanced Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) for use in computers, robots and self-driving cars using Deep Learning algorithms.

“The deployment of advanced analytics continues to play an increasingly important role is the design and deployment of today’s most advanced integrated security systems. Our partnership with NVIDIA aims to escalate the level and utility of analytics to a new level by incorporating artificial intelligence in our video surveillance solutions,” said Soon Hong Ahn, President, Hanwha Techwin America. “We are very pleased to work alongside NVIDIA to co-develop innovative and powerful video surveillance solutions that will deliver the foremost levels of safety and security.”

NVIDIA's intelligent video analysis platform is based on AI GPUs with Deep Learning capabilities specifically engineered for professional surveillance cameras and storage devices. These advanced processors allow for fast and accurate video analysis to provide valuable and meaningful data along with high quality video. Utilizing NVIDIA AI GPU technology, Hanwha Techwin is focused on developing AI cameras and storage devices capable of autonomously detecting abnormal movements and situations.

Surveillance solutions with AI capabilities enable highly specialized functionality for a wide range of applications including city surveillance, retail, and traffic monitoring. This will allow Hanwha to deliver surveillance solutions that meet the specific needs of different industries and applications, and transcend traditional security applications.

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