New Unified Wired Mercury Systems Designed for Installer Savings

Time is money. Security installation companies need new ways to trim time in the field so they can quickly and efficiently connect solutions and move to the next project without intensive labor constraints. LifeSafety Power Inc., Mundelein, Ill., has the answer with Unified Wired systems that pre-wire all lock and system power connections to Authentic Mercury Security terminal strips for quick set up and deployment.

Engineered for plug-and-play installation, Unified Wired systems are an extension of the company’s award-winning modularly designed FlexPower® Unified Power solutions. Fully factory wired and tested in the U.S. and meeting UL standards, they seamlessly incorporate the widely specified Mercury Security controller hardware and include options for deploying intelligent networked power solutions and managed services.

LifeSafety Power further expedites the specification and installation process, providing direct drop shipments to job site, speeding the delivery of materials required for a complete physical security access power installation. Other features include:

LSP direct-connect wiring to Mercury Security controllers for easy and reliable panel connection.

Pre-wired system and lock power, fault connections, tamper switch and RS-485 communication.

Panel setup using pluggable wires to security components and devices.

Simple lock wiring with twisted pair color-coded cable harnesses.

Modular, flexible design for 4-, 8- or 16-door configurations.

LifeSafety Power’s Unified Wired systems maintain a consistent look and feel, eliminate field wiring errors and enable the installer to produce a high-quality installation consistent on every job.

“We understand how expensive time in the field can be and our goal is to provide quality products that yield labor and installation savings,” said Joe Holland, Vice President of Engineering. “Unified Wired systems give integrators tangible ways to be more productive, save money and integrate completely with Mercury Security, one of the most deployed access control hardware solutions on the market.”


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