Expanding Access Control At ISC West

Companies in the access control vertical are finding a way to expand past doors.

My favorite thing about coming to ISC West is figuring out what the trends are and how they mold the evolution of the products, solutions and integrations of the security industry. This year, one of the first things that stood out to me was within the access control vertical.

We see a lot of these companies as protectors of our spaces, starting at and limited to our doors. But these guys want to provide so much more.

Here’s a few access control solutions that I saw today that are pushing how we think of access control.

HID Location Services

HID Global announced its new HID Location Services that provide organizations with visibility into the location of their workforce in a facility, making it possible to analyze room usage for better building management and increased operational efficiency. HID Location Services is enabled by Bluvision, a company recently acquired by HID, and provides numerous capabilities based on an organization’s needs. Its real-time location services are ideal for monitoring and providing deeper analytics around the movement of personnel in a building for better insight to optimize usage of facilities, common areas and individual rooms. The proximity-based services verify when personnel are nearby a given area for use cases such as monitoring employee check in and check out; it also helps organizations meet health and safety regulations by monitoring room occupancy.

Nortek Security & Control's Linear BluePass

Nortek Security & Control's Linear BluePass offers a complete ecosystem of smartphone/tablet-based mobile credentials, user and dealer apps, and multi-tech Bluetooth readers that provide a more secure, easy to use approach to access control. BluePass reduces total cost of ownership by protecting the customer's existing system controller and software investments and enables a smooth migration from legacy credentials using both the multi-tech readers and a cloud-based credential issuance and management portal. Additional credentials can be easily procured, even in small quantities, with channel-friendly credential bundles.

About the Author

Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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