Paydirt at the Sands

This is our first tradeshow as Security Today, as a new format and look. Security Products magazine had a run of 20 years, and our thoughts for change come as the security industry, more the technology side hones what products are already on the market, and how manufacturers are improving on what they offer.

We’re proud to be part of the industry, and pleased to provide a valuable service to the thousands of people in the security field.

The first day of ISC West is always exciting for me. This year, moreso as I walk the floor I put on at least 5 miles. Not bad for a recently reattached Achilles tendon. Editor and foot are doing OK.

Here are few very cool things I found out today. I had a scheduled visit with Brivo (Steve Van Till) and Eagle Eye (Ken Francis) but what I really enjoyed talking to and about was with Dean Drako, who owns both companies but is headlong into building and automotive dynasty. After several quick glances at the car manufacturing process, I’m anxious to see Drako Motors put a new car on the ISC West 2018 show floor.

Security related? Not really, but there are several very smart people in this industry that warrant attention. Speaking of attention, here are a couple of people I’ll be listening in the coming months because they are new to the industry and have some really good ideas coming for the marketing and editorial side of my work. Dana Pruitt is the new marketing manager at Aiphone, and she has a thirst for getting the word out about their product line.

Jennifer Stack at Salto has an amazing opportunity going on in New York City as the company has invested in a learning center when integrators can bring clients to the showroom and learn together about security solutions.

I’m anxious to continue my talks with Centralarm, which plays a vital role in the monitoring arena, and without a doubt my conversation with the executive team at MONI Security Systems. We publish editorial from MONI each issue of Dealer Strategies, but there is something new and open at their booth (22031) and it would be worth 15 minutes of your time to see what’s new at MONI. Great floor traffic on the Day One; I look for an increase of security professionals today as the industry experts share technology and solutions to the industry.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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