What a Terrific Tradeshow

Yesterday was just like the old days at the tradeshow. Lots of activity, foot traffic and well educated attendees. I think security has successfully made the rebound.

For starters, (the new) Pelco is back in the game.

I enjoyed a terrific dinner last night with Sharad Shekhar, CEO of Pelco, and learned plenty of cool things not only about the new vision, but the man as well. Sharad is a naturalized U.S. citizen, who happens to think there’s no place like home … in the United States. What makes me pretty this guy is an American is his love for football. Enough said.

Sharad is bringing back the Pelco vision but updated for the digital world. Pelco is about the people, Pelco is about the customer, he said. He promises the company will never leave a customer needing or wanting for anything. More good things to come from Sharad, his team and The New Pelco.

I caught up with some great friends just as the show closed yesterday. Tom Harada, who is the division director of security and imaging at Senko, was headed out of the convention center with Frank Abram. This is one of my professional life’s great experiences to know these two gentlemen.

Things to watch for in the next couple of months:

1. Vicon, Bret McGowan, is roaring back to life with a revamped and heavy duty VMS product. Keep your eye out for this.

2. CrucialTrak, Daniel Gold, is bringing the latest wave of biometrics to the playing field. All eyes on this product.

3. Zebra, Bill Abelson, haven’t seen these guys around for a while, but they are back in top form, and we’ll be hearing more from them very soon.

4. Camden, David Price, reports that 2016 was the best year ever for the company and they are determined to grow their West Coast business by offering two-day shipments to North America, and next day delivery via their distributors. Oh yeah, longer hours for tech support.

For Security Today, we’re going to begin a deeper dive into cybersecurity issues by talking to the experts every month. I’m looking forward to presenting thoughts and solutions in every issue starting in June.

A quick shout to the guys at U.S. Security Supply in Sacramento for a couple sleeves of golf balls. Pretty cool, guys. Thanks.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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