Westinghouse Security Adds Easy-to-Use Lockdown Function to RTS Lock Series

Westinghouse Security announces the addition of a “lockdown” function to its RTS Lock series. Designed to address the needs of users who require that their doors be temporarily unlocked, but if an incident presented itself, the door could be locked immediately. The RTS Lock with lockdown is ideal for locations, such as educational buildings, retail stores, and office spaces, where people can freely enter a space but remain locked in when a threat exists and evacuation is not an option.

To employ lockdown on the Westinghouse Security RTS Lock, users simply press the programming up and down arrow keys simultaneously and hold down for five seconds. Since the arrow keys are located on the interior portion of the RTS Lock, the user does not need to access the exterior side of the lock, which may be where a threat or intruder is located. Users can visibly see “Device Secured” on the screen when lockdown has been initiated. Once in lockdown, the door is locked and ingress requires an authorized user to enter credentials to unlock the door.

“Lockdown is a quick and easy way to lock a door while using our TUM (Temporary Unlock Mode) option,” notes Brian Moses, chief sales officer, Westinghouse Security. “Administrators can use TUM to program an unlock function on preset days and times; however, the door only unlocks when an authorized first user presents a credential, such as the opening manager for a restaurant.” When a RTS Lock is not in TUM, it automatically reverts to a locked or normal mode.

According to Moses, “Our lockdown function allows someone to lock a door without stepping into a hallway, street, or common area as well as lock a door without relying on the accessibility of an external FOB or remote command. Adding lockdown to RTS Locks is another way that Westinghouse Security has enabled enhanced security but without complicating the process.”


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