Security Increased for NFL Draft

Security Increased for NFL Draft

Security is expected to be tight as the National Football League holds the NFL Draft along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, where, for the first time ever, an open-air theater was constructed to allow for a record number of fans to enjoy the festivities. The stage will be constructed on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous by the Rocky movies.

Philadelphia law enforcement says they are ready for the thousands of fans that will pack into the event space to get a glimpse of some of the NFL’s future stars.

“Using the parkway as our event footprint is something we are very used to,” Philadelphia police chief inspector Frank Venore said. “It’s very familiar to what we do on Fourth of July.”

A perimeter made from trucks and barricades will surround much of the event to protect players, fans and team coaches from vehicle attacks as well as keep unauthorized fans out of event spaces that require a ticket.

Officers are expected to assist the NFL by giving future players an officer escort into the event.

In addition to the heavy police presence on the parkway, police will also be deploying more troops to tourist hot spots that might gain more traffic during the NFL Draft.

“Our plan is to cover most of the attractions that we feel people might gravitate to either during or after the event,” Venore said. “We all know the spots people want to see while they are here.”

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