IDIS Delivers Multi-Site Video Surveillance Solution for Rapidly Growing La Familia Insurance

Texas-based insurance provider La Familia Insurance selected the IDIS Total Solution for 25 office and storefront locations as a key element of recent expansion efforts.

Serving customers in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio metropolitan areas, La Familia Insurance focuses on providing affordable and comprehensive insurance services to local families. With dozens of locations across Texas, and plans to establish additional offices in 2017, La Familia faced new security challenges over the course of their rapid growth, and experienced inadequate results from budget video surveillance options. The IDIS Total Solution, purpose-built to deliver both world-class performance and a low total cost of ownership, fit the company’s needs perfectly.

With an increasing number of La Familia office locations across the state of Texas, the ability to monitor each office from a central location was a primary requirement for the business’ new video surveillance solution. IDIS, in partnership with Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, met this requirement with a solution that is both backward compatible and scalable. Additionally, with many offices located in densely populated urban centers, nightly security became a pressing concern for the company’s storefront locations. IDIS cameras, capable of capturing evidence under a variety of conditions and at wide angles to act as a deterrent for future would-be vandals or thieves.  The scalable and highly compatible nature of IDIS technology made it a perfect fit to grow alongside the expanding company. The project’s initial and ongoing installations in the San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas, include IDIS DirectIP™ NVRs and cameras (including the industry-recognized IDIS Super Fisheye, which provides 360-degree panoramic surveillance across 64 individual views with independent ePTZ functionality) and the full-featured IDIS and license-free IDIS Center VMS. IDIS’s low total cost of ownership and seamless interoperability allows La Familia to maximize their surveillance hardware capabilities and ensure hassle-free security across their multiple locations.

Remarked La Familia Chief Technology Officer Aly Manji remarked “La Familia Insurance was thrilled by the personal touch delivered by IDIS and Kratos, and our security personnel are already impressed with how intuitive IDIS technology has proven, both during installation and operation. IDIS Center is much more robust than our previous options and provides a staggering level of operability and features for absolutely no additional cost. We’re very pleased that our employees and the families we serve can now enjoy greater peace of mind and security at our locations thanks to IDIS.”

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