Several Injured, 1 Dead in New York Times Square Crash

Several Injured, 1 Dead in New York Times Square Crash

At least 19 people were injured and one was killed when a vehicle crashed through pedestrians at Times Square in New York City.

Several people were seriously injured and one has died as the result of a vehicle crash in New York City’s Times Square this afternoon.

NYPD are investigating the crash that happened at noon in Times Square as an isolated incident not related to terrorism. Police believe suspect to be a 26-year-old male with a prior DWI charge on his record. He was placed in custody shortly after the crash.

Witnesses at the scene say the red Honda drove through a possible yellow, or red, light at the intersection of 7th and 45th hitting at least 19 people and killing one. Some reports say that the driver might have tried to make an illegal U-turn and drive down the street the wrong way before erratically swerving to the final crash point.

The vehicle came to a stop by the steel barriers placed around Times Square recently as a result of the vehicle attacks overseas in Nice and Berlin. Witnesses believe the car might have made it all the way through Times Square injuring more people had the barriers not been set in place.

Due to the increase in deployment of officers at popular tourist locations, police were on the scene in less than a minute to tend to the injured pedestrians and place the suspect, who attempted to flee, into custody.

This is a developing story. Follow @1105Sydny on Twitter for more.

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