Beware MacSpy: Malware Targeted at Mac OS

Beware MacSpy Malware Targeted at Mac OS

MacSpy is being advertised as the “most sophisticated Mac spyware ever.”

The cybercriminals are at it again with the “most sophisticated Mac spyware ever” with the intent to show users that no one is safe.

Dubbed MacSpy, the malware is one of the first seen malware-as-a-service (MaaS) designed for the OSX platform, according to a June 9 blog post from AlienVault researchers.

The malware, which is free to anyone, has a list of features that claim to offer no digital trace of the threat actor, screen capture, key logging, iCloud syncing and is completely investible to the victims. The cybercriminal can also do continuous voice recording, pasteboard and retrieve browser data without ever being detected.

The cybercriminals who decide to use MacSpy have the option to upgrade to premium features which include the ability to adjust capture and record intervals remotely, retrieve any file or data as well as encrypt the entire directory within a few seconds.

The MaaS is obtained by emailing the author of the malware. The author then sends a copy of MacSpy to be downloaded via Tor. From there, the cybercriminal needs to manually upload the malware onto the target’s Mac.

“Currently it relies more on the attacker having physical access to the system, or tricking the user into running the executable,” the blog post read. “Users can take the usual advice of don't execute programs delivered to them over email unrequested, lock your computer when not using it.”

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